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 Chellsy: Hello and welcome to! My name is Chellsy Mapp and I am a Mom and Personal Stylist, who loves to share all things GLAM. I created this brand because my love for styling and accessorizing needed a home. It took a conversation with my mentor to realize that accessorizing is really how I express my magic, and ever since that talk, I took off running to create a space where I could have all of my favorites in one place for you! Although I started with accessories, I knew I had more to share, hence the expansion into apparel. It feels so good to bring you all full looks by me! It's truly a dream come true.

Vilaire: So Vilaire is my middle name which is a combination of my grandmothers names, Violette and Claire. They were both such a force in who I am in completely different ways, yet their personalities were a perfect combination. Having them both pass within a 3 month span of each other was probably one of my hardest moments. Their inner voices that are always with me are what I used and will continue to use as the blueprint in what this brand represents. I will run this brand with my Nana's (Violette's) grace and integrity and I will serve you these stylish pieces with my Momma's (Claire's) sass and attitude! 

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

Warmest regards,